Yarn at the intersection of Art and Science: a mixture of fun and mystery. We are Yarn Carnival!

We (Ana and Matt) started Yarn Carnival in 2012, because Ana couldn't find the colors she envisioned for her projects.  Colors madly saturated, moody, vibrant and subtle all at the same time yearned to be knitted, but couldn't be found.  So, she started experimenting.  And the experiment continues...

We specialize in high-end yarn bases dyed with low-impact dyes.  Yarn colors are meant to work well together, sort of like Garanimals for grownups.  Different yarn bases will take the same color differently - some will trend lighter, some darker.

Most of our colors are easily repeatable.  We measure dye to within 5 mg of the recipe so that you can get the color you need at any time.  However, each skein within a single lot will vary slightly; this is hand-dyed and hand-painted yarn, made by a person - not a machine. Some one-of-a-kind (OOAK) skeins will be on offer from time-to-time; obviously those are not repeatable.  Please by enough yarn to complete your project.  Though each lot will be very close, there is no guarantee that different lots will match precisely.  Made-to-order batches will all be the same lot.

Ana (the dyeslinger) has years of experience in costuming and textiles, teaches knitting and crochet at Hill Country Weavers in Austin, TX, is a SERIOUS shawl maniac, adores textile archeology, listens to loud music, plays video games when time allows, and can talk about color theory and color science endlessly.
Matt (AKA Yarn Dude/ Mr. Carnival) is a history buff, has been a professional blacksmith, likes woodworking, Marvel Comics, and collecting antique tools.  Both of them are parents to two goofy children.  It's genetic.

We are based in a small Texas town, just south of Austin.  Currently, all yarn is made in our home studio.  We are completely smoke-free, and while our dog is not allowed in the studio space, we do have a dog on the premises.

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